Anastasia Zlodeeva

Media Artist
Anastasia Zlodeeva explores patterns of human behavior through a variety of mediums. One of her leading themes is escapism.
She didn't set out to create artwork relating to social commentary, for her the process of creating a project is meditation. Anastasia brings projects to the point of completion so that the observer is left with the possibility of experiencing the meditation invested in them.
Daily trips across the bridge merge for locals into a routine that has no beginning and no end. Visitors consider this journey as the unique experience available not for everyone.
An Expression of Mind
Recreating the image of the fort according to the words of people who visited it with the help of a neural network.
The universe is very diverse and diverse, and each part of it hides in itself many details and elements. Our project was created in order to evoke a feeling in a person, where he is the central element of a great variety of details of the universe.
Information noise blinds the eyes of the modern inhabitant of a megalopolis. Endless news headlines seem to suppress a person's own thoughts about certain events, replacing them with the opinion embedded in the text. The KOM project urges us to think about cleaning up the information field and about the cult of following the news in general.
Progress dictates the reality that humans and robots must go hand in hand. But how to achieve mutual understanding?
Emotions are an important part of human's nature, how to tell about them to a Robot that perceives only coordinates in the form of sets of numbers?
The answer is simple: it is necessary to present emotions in a form comprehensible to robots - in coordinates.
Encephalograms - pictures of brain waves - will do the job. They are a graph of the intensity of the brain's response to an external influence as a function of time.
Studies look at responses to three types of exposure: neutral, positive, and negative.
The coordinates of the graphs from the study were taken as the basis for creating "emotional" relief.
In this way, Kuka robot cutter will be able to "empathize" with humans in their joyful, sad, and quiet moments, as it were.

Anastasia Zlodeeva is a transdisciplinary artist, mostly focused on visual content. She works with generative graphics and creates projects in AR and VR.






I’m constantly available for interesting projects
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